When Disney Fux Up …

… the Fandom Menace comes out to play. 🙂

KENOBI – A Star Wars Fan Film

… and does it better than The House of the Mouse.

Errrm, no, not really.

The first few minutes of this short were rather boring and the second half was ok-ish but nothing special. Was just an episode from Luke’s childhood and gave us no new insights into the SW lore. And don’t make a mistake and think this was just made by some hapless fans on summer vacation to Morocco. When you read the end titles you’ll notice this was quite a production.

KENOBI – A Star Wars Fan Film

1,780,412 views 4 days ago
This is a fan film with no official affiliation to Lucasfilm/Disney.
Please enjoy our love letter to Star Wars. And may the force be with you ALWAYS!
Directed by Jason Satterlund (JasonSatterlund.com)
Produced by James McLean & Jamie Costa
Executive Producers Danny Peykoff, Jamie Costa, Rich Ferguson


Starring Jamie Costa as Kenobi “Ben” imdb.me/jamiecosta
Tommy Snider as Owen Lars
Maxine Phoenix as Beru Lars
Audie Rick as Luke Skywalker
James Arnold Taylor as Captain Leegus

Director of Photography Jac Cheairs
Production Designer Danielle Thompson
Original Music by Andrew Gerlicher

Music Performed by The Budapest Scoring Orchestra

Story by Rob Harmon
Screenplay by Jamie Costa & Jason Satterlund and Rob Harmon

Film Editors Ben Anklam & Jason Satterlund

Costume Designer Jennifer Newman

Key Make-up Artist Megan Wilbur

Stunt Coordinator Tony Snegoff

Visual Effects Supervisor Cody Stoltz

Colorist Adam Scott

Obi-Wan Kenobi Jamie Costa
Owen Lars Tommy Snider
Beru Lars Maxine Phoenix
Luke Skywalker Audie Rick
Captain Leegus James Arnold Taylor
Imperial Officer Rich Ferguson
Sand Trooper Gary Howe
Storm Trooper #1 Alexander Stephens
Storm Trooper #2 Benjamin James
Stunt Storm Trooper #1 Sam Bakke
Stunt Storm Trooper #2 Gregg Sargeant
Stunt Scout Trooper Carlos C. Duarte
Tusken Raider #1 Kevin M. Ritz
Tusken Raider #2 Miguel Sanchez
Sand Trooper Voiceover Gary Howe
Storm/ Scout Trooper VO James Arnold Taylor
Qui-Gon Jinn Voiceover Josh Robert Thompson

Marketing Photography by Adam Kay ( IG @adamkayphoto )



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