Nothing New – Everything Boring in Linux

Ohayo my little samurais,

just something very boring from the Linux world …

Top of the Pops!

The Top 3 of the Linux distro hitparade. Didn’t change places in quite a while neither. Everything below these top dogs you can ignore without missing much. Particularly when you a n00b Linux user these three – or rather said one of these three – will serve you fine and bring you endless hours of joy n fun and niftyness.

Don’t get me wrong, neither of these are my personal favourites, but I don’t count. Your little Orca is on Linux since 2012 or so, so she can afford and justify to have her own taste. And believe you me, contrary to most of you fraggelz, I had every single one of those distros installed on my hardware and pushed them through a rigorous test regime (MX) and even used them as my daily riders (Manjaro, Mint) over longer time periods.

Of course I went on, as you know, but look: These three distros are at their ranks for good reasons: If you’re a very conservative user and hate to spend time maintaining your system, your choice shall clearly be MX. When you feeling sexy and want freshness and always kinda new packages, Manjaro is for you. When you’re just a clever but unpretentious computing housewife who needs shit to work, without any drama, Mint is the bees knees!

Most important though: These are all signs of an unbelievable maturity and stability all throughout the Linux world. And the further up the foodchain the better. You can’t do anything wrong by chosing any of these three candidates. They are complete and functional workhorses and user-friendly as well. From installation to publication of your first bestseller, blog, or YouTube video, you’ll find everything you need in any of those distros.

Of course there’s always room for further customization/optimization, and you shall do so at a later stage. But for now you should be good to go with what you get here. šŸ˜‰



    • Yes, right, Tom. If I were a Windowsler and Orcablog reader I’d by now would’ve either kicked this blog in the bin and said goodbye … or would already be on Linux, and laugh about Orca’s clueless attempts to propagate all the wrong distros. =^.^=

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