Mesh’s List: 11 Most Disappointing Films in 2019

I haven’t seen any of the flicks in Mesh’s Disappointment list. Always had a bad feeling about them. And now I know I did good taking a rain check. And after reading this reblog you’ll know why you, too, better avoid these moovies.
Although Angelina and Michelle fighting each other sounds yummy. Had they made the flick 20, 25 years ago and used a mud patch and made them fighting dirty and nekkid all the time I’d soooo watched it. But not like this. Strictly no fairytales in my fantasy lesbian wrestling arena!


Mesh The Movie Freak

The year has come and go, but the films remained. I hardly can watch every single films released this year (I have TV shows to watch!), but I have sit in a fair share of disappointing films. Now, I won’t called these films absolutely horrible, you might liked it better than I do. However, with certain films come certain expectations and as it happen, these 11 films failed to meet mine.

PS: I don’t rank the films, but the lower it goes, the worst it disappoints.

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