Linux Mint vs Ubuntu Cinnamon

Awooga, my creeps. 🙂

When I “reviewed” Ubuntu Cinnamon a couple days back … no, it wasn’t a review per se but more of a negative rant about this brandnew distro, it became apparent that the original Cinnamon home distro, the community’s favourite Mint was sooo so so much better. Of course is Ubuntu’s spin of Cinnamon so new it’s not even listed on DistroWatch yet, neither an official or community spin of Ubuntu. So a direct comparison isn’t really fair, is it?

LOL, our friend Tom thinks the same but still staged a video fight of distro vs distro. With foreseeable results:

So, my fraggelz, there is really no need to run and download the new Ubuntu. If you’re happy with Mint’s very own Cinnamon – and why wouldn’t you be? It’s a happymaker – stick to it. Let the devs work some more on the Ubuntu version, let it mature, and maybe give it a try in a couple weeks/months time. Or don’t do anything, LOL. Coz we hate Ubuntu, don’t we?

Oké 😉


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