Aloha wintery sniffels peepels. I hope you’ll all survive this dark season and don’t get in trubbelz like my fren Kitten …


See that? Looks like she was in a fight with an xmas tree before shooting the photo for her annual Wootmas card … and got entangled in some shiny blinkenlights. Typical cat, no? They are so much accident prone and high on maintenance. And when one day you croak dead in your house, they won’t hesitate but cannibalize you. 😮 Hooman eyes seem to be a speciality, followed by fingahz and toez and other soft and easily to get at meaty treatz. 😦 I mean you won’t care about it anymore but honestly isn’t that a bit disappointing behaviour nevertheless? And you always thought those sketchy creatures were your frens. 😐

Now you know why I usually prefer puppies over kittens, and honestly now, Kittensusie’s RL pixel puppet driver prefers dogs too. Everytime when we’re chatting in IM she’s like “Scusi, gotta walk the doggie now.”


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