Watch The Mandalorian Legally

I want my Baby Yoda!

The whole world Arr Matey’s Mando and Baby Yoda each and every week but in countries where you can get Disney+ and happen to be on Linux – and wanna stick to the law – now you can!

But it must be said, according to insiders is The Mandalorian the only show that makes subscribbling to Disney+ halfways worthwile, so it’s expected that after Season 1 has run its course there will be a landslide of cancelations from Disney’s streaming service. Not that anyone out there in the real world would care one way or the other. Meh!



    • Just a bittorrent client, Neil. Many Linuxes come with one, Transmission, Deluge or Qbittorrent – which is my favourite. And then you just need to find the right source, Pirate Bay or similar sites. For movies in good 1080 p Blu-Ray quality – rather than filmed from some Chinese cinema screen – I mostly use YTS, the former Yify:
      But be careful, if you are dwelling in a country with heavy surveillance better use a VPN. The copyright mafia don’t fuk around. 😮


        • Moi? No nay never! But obviously omg! ubuntu! are showing you a way how to get D+ on Linux. And as I said, the rest of the world don’t care one way or another. And on Thursday I’m gonna go and throw some money into Disney’s hungry snout anyway, so they mustn’t complain about me piratizing their shit. Ticket for Rise of Skywalker is 108 ZAR ~ 6.68 €, most expensive movie I’ve ever seen. 😮


    • We always torrent the full file and then watch it offline. It’s good to have something to watch during blackouts. And I wouldn’t call Mando amazing but it’s ok and far better than all the other SW stuff right now. Of course SW Rebels was much much better, more quirky and had better characters. But Mando ain’t bad for a live action show.


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