One of the Reasons …

… why I use ArchLinux:

WOW! Zorin is superduper modern n shit

While Zorin OS, a very beloved and assumingly n00b-friendly Ubuntu-fork is proud to announce how modern it is coz it’s shipping with LibreOffice 6.3 …

Bildschirmfoto zu 2019-12-15 09-32-44

… Orca’s ArchLinux system humbly and without any hubbub and media recognition installed the latest version of our all most fave office suite right into her system. A week ago or so. As part of the routine daily housekeeping. And it’s already a couple increments further in the version line. If she wouldn’t look sometimes what kind of fancy stuff she gets with her daily updates Orca wouldn’t even know she already had it.

See, that’s the difference between normal run-of-the-mill Linuxes for the masses and supposedly bitchy and geeky ArchLinux. Bullcrap I say!



    • It is, Renard, isn’t it?
      But I guess the staying out of one’s way is more a question of desktop environment than distro. You can have either a very minimalistic Window Manager or a bloated KDE which always wants you to do stuffz.

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