Shop & Hop

Oh my. 😐

You know how your editrix thinks about commercialism in Second Life and all the bubble head fashionistas n stuff. Yeah. And when all the usual blogging beaches started blogging the Shop & Hop “event” I didn’t really pay attention. Because why would I?

But now, after even blogging greats like Strawberry (in her role as the blogger Strawberry Singh, not Linden) and even the dignified authority Inara Pey reported about this shopping thing, I felt I should maybe let my readers know about it as well.

And, as it so happend, just tonight a mail propagating one well-known shopping event dropped into my inbox. Sender: The Lab. And of course headlining the photo are their new media stars Berry and Xiola… and some male photo-op alt-dummie.

So there …

Spent all your woolongs on xmas bullshit and become a better avie instantly!

So, did my duty as reporter. Y’all happy and well-informed? Can I go now?


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