Typical German

Always industrious busy bees. For example Auntie Nat, superduper videographer and expert for everything that flies or just makes lotsa noyce …

She found this superduper useful jackhammer … ugh, read it yourself. So if you’re still looking for a nice xmas prezzie for the woman of your dreams, why not give her the hammer of her dreams?

Of course …

Show them how much you love them and get a hammer for your kidz too! 😉



  1. Too funny… I was just thinking about buying a jackhammer IRL (I wanna tear up my teeny, horribly uneven, back patio). Then I remembered I’m old, out of shape, and broke.

    MC Hammer was okay till he went preacher-man.

    What’s the last one (I obviously don’t game)??

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    • Same as Nataschaa’s video, she made that screenshot of the child avie in Second Life, a virtual world (not a game) from which I originally blogged most often, before I turned my attention to GNU/Linux operating systems and Free and Open Software and other stuff. Nowadays I blog maybe once or twice a week from inworld SL, not logging on much anymore.
      And that hammertime thing is the only song I know from MC Hammer. I’m not into rap or any other type of popular American music.


      • Lol… ditto on Hammertime. I know I heard a few songs after that but only cause that was my music era. But he really became a preacher… left music behind.

        I realized all the SL stuff after reading more of your posts (gonna read freeware stuff later). I’ve never seen anyone in it IRL… it’s all I can do to manage my FL.

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