1. We like it too!
    I wish the detective had never…*changed*, though. I know it’s part of the story, but he’s one of my favorite characters.
    Also like the foul-mouthed East Indian woman.

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    • Yes Stacey, particularly since Thomas Jane was the only halfways prominent actor in the cast. Seeing him reduced to an enigmatic ghost appearance isn’t pleasing but as you said “It’s in the books”, which are fantastic btw, and they coudn’t have known TV would acquire the rights. Also I guess, eventho Thomas Jane was the only actor with some charisma and presence in the first season, the others are coming into their own by now. It’s all good.

      The foul-mouthed East Indian Secretary General of the UN is supposed to be Indian and her name is … Avasaralalalalalalalalaralafasalala or sumsuch. 😉 We saw the actress in some Star Trek movie in a short, very short – but speaking – role as some admiral of the Federation = Kirk’s boss or so.

      We’re not so happy with MCRN Marine Sergeant Bobby Draper, the “actress” is more fat than fit, and calling her acting wooden is an insult to wood. 😮

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  2. We feel the exact same way about the Bobbie Draper character, the irony being if she was a boxer in real life, why couldn’t she get into better shape for this show, since she’s used to exercise and working out?! The acting is another matter. Some lessons definitely would help. Oh, well.

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