Morning Beaches!

How y’all doin’ today? Fine? Good. Listen, I wanna clarificate sumfink quickly, before we all get on with our lives, ok?

Wondered why publication of new shitty posts in this shitty blawg is so spotty lately? And good as no in-world reports anymore? As I’ve told ya already I probably brought bad luck onto this blog by making fun of our state-owned electricity utility Eskom, and they came down pretty hard on the whole fukn country. Right now we suffer load-shedding Stage 4 which looks like so …

Stage4Mhm, that’s right. Light’s out three time a day, every day, for 2.5 hours every fukn time. 😮 This means we already had to flush some refrigerated foodstuff down the toilet. And it also has a heavy negative influence on my blogging schedule.


Naw, we don’t blog like this anymore. 😐

Because I don’t have a freakin’ schedule, ok? I don’t follow general logic and rational blogging policies … at all. I get a stupid idea, and five minutes later you gotta suffer it. Yeah, no planning, just do it spontaniously. Or don’t do it at all. Right now I had a whole buncha ideas and even half-written stories in my noggin, you know as it always so happens when you can’t get on the computer and do it fer realz. Then power comes on again and all my cool ideas go p00f. 😦

That I don’t have a “gaming” PC, for spending any longer time in SL, and get nice eye-candy for snapshots I told ya already, didn’t I? So that’s another reason  for weak blog output. 😦

That girl has not only – with the roadworthy company – a sponsor but also I guess a special license for racing. Lucky beach. 😉

Apart from that RL is a bit of a beach right now, stressing with Oubaas and roadworthy shit and juggling with at least two trusted auto mechanics at the same time. Dunno if I told you already but Oubaas is our only vehicle right now, my sole – sometimes – working ride. So I can’t even get to the gym and to the grocers anymore.

While our poor Fordy is still completely and totally illegal.

So once we got Oubaas finally registered he’ll has to undergo heavy panelbeating and allignment and spraypainting operations. That may take weeks and months, so we’ll need a short-term ersatz vehicle. Either some beat-up car or a moped.

Oh man, this doesn’t make me happy. No, not at all.



    • LOL. Thank you Tom. But let’s not forget I’m bitchin and moanin on a pretty high level here, don’t I? I mean when the power’s not out I’m internettin’ on fukn FIBRE! I have a handful more or less capablle computers at my disposal and the van problems are just little stepping stones on the way to greatness. That Ford will be soooo beautiful once it’s done. 😉

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  1. Tip for checking if frozen food is okay: Freeze a small cup/glass of water. Put a coin on top and keep it in the freezer. If you find the coin sunk, even if re-frozen, the food should be tossed. Still on top? Your frozen food is still safe.
    Doesn’t help with fridge but it’s something.

    I’m on mobile data while wifi is down again. I hate that I can’t stream anything but don’t mind the excuse for not doing my homework!

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    • That’s a golden protip, leendadll. Thx for letting me know. You know with the power outages of late, I have no idea if the 2,5 hours are enough to defreeze frozen stuff or if it stays frozen in that time.

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      • I saw it somewhere around the time we were expecting a planned power outage and have done it since.

        Our planned outage lasted 7.5 hrs. I kept both the fridge and freezer closed and everything was fine. Ice cubes didn’t even get soft, let alone thaw.

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        • Not melting even after 7.5 hours is very good result. It’s a bit different here at the cape. We had load shedding stage 4 last week, which translated to power outages of 2.5 hours 3 times/day.


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