19 Questions

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Gud moarnink weirdos!

Couple days ago I stumbled about an idea in fashion blogger Cherri Oh’s blog.

19 Questions.

And please don’t ask me why not 10 or 20 questions, or even 15 … just to satisfy my inner OCD. I dunno.

All I know is that the 19 (I didn’t even count and Cherri was too lazy to put numbers on them) questions are out there, and I feel triggered to answer them. Another aspect of my OCD personality: I love to fill in forms and questionaires. Yes, silly cow me but I can’t help it, you know?

So here come Cherri’s kwestshuns and Orca’s ansserz:

What does your vlog/blog name and meaning behind it?

Thar She Blows! is what the lookouts shouted from the crows nest of the old timey whaling ships when they spotted a whale. My name has originally nothing to do with the sea mammal tho but was just the name of a female character in a space opera I never quite finished to write.

And you should maybe rethink the wording of that question. 😐

When did you start your SL blog/vlog?

June 23, 2011 on my first version, which was hosted by fukn Google. 😮 http://orcasl.blogspot.com/

Then I switched to WordPress on March 15, 2015 in a seamless transition.

How would you describe your vlog/blog (decor, fashion destinations, RP…)

Somebody described it as  a grab bag, I’d describe it as a blog. Bit of everything but mostly Second Life sailing, even some RL. Oh, and many many shitty stories about GNU/Linux computer operating systems.

When did you start SL and what brought you to SL?

January 18 2007. Read about it in a newspaper, was intrigued, downloaded the viewer, logged in right away and was hooked! Despite LL telling me my hardware wasn’t up to scratch I survived kinda almost a year with 32 meters DD and the worst connection and no fancy graphics.

2007 became a meme.

What inspired you to become a vlogger/blogger?

Boredom? The need to report about sailing events? Personal revenge? I guess it was the love of writing. Not even the weird foreign language couldn’t stop me. Why I don’t blog in German? Fuk off, I hate those pesky Germans. 🙂

How Often do you post?

Multiple times a day. Sometimes not at all. But mostly every time I feel like!

What’s you favorite thing to blog and why?

Everything I blog is – in that moment – my favourite thing.

Do you watch/read other vlogs/blogs & how often?

I have subscribed to quite a lot of other blogs and get many mails every day when they post something. So I click and read and marvel at the photos. Others who  don’t advertise their posts I try to read when I find the time. I may not comment very often but I always leave a Like if possible. Just trust me, I’m around and I see all your shit!

I’m even in a Blogger Network although I hate social media. 😐

What strength do you have that has helped you as a vlogger/blogger?

My tendency to not give much of a fuk about anything; maybe that’s a strength?

How do you motivate yourself to stay active & fresh with your vlog/blog?

Simples. I don’t. I just blog when I feel like blogging. Fortunately that happens quite often.

Even my avie blogs

What’s the last thing you bought in SL?

Apart from some stupid mesh body and noggin, one thing I really wanted to have, and use as my mobile home right now, is the 1960 Bovine Scenicliner.


Which sim is your favorite for taking blog/blog photos and why?

Depends on the topic of my blogstory. I mean it would be stupid to shoot sailboats in the desert and cars under water, no?

Kekeland was awesome tho. 😉

Do you have an alt?

4. Three sisters and one brother … who is a tiny rabbit.


Would you say your avi is an introvert or extravert?



How do you feel about SL relationships (romantic & friends)?


What is your guilty pleasure on SL?

Whatever pleases me doesn’t make me feel guilty, just pleased. 😉


Where is your avi right now? (mainland home, sandbox, event, stuck in a TP (lol)….)

Mainland, on my parcel in Nagarjuna on east Satori. At least I hope she’s there but we can never be quite sure now, can we?


What are your favorite things to do on SL?

In the old days it used to be sailing, nowadays I don’t like to  do anything.

What is your favorite SL fashion & decor style?

Depends on the occasion. But mostly no fashion. 😉

Because wardrobe malfunctions. 😮

Have you ever collaborated with another vlogger/blogger? Pros & cons?

I have some contributors to my blog, even the one or other alt of mine has written for it. And John from Kultivate Magazine wanted to hire me but I don’t have time for that.

What new changes/developments in SL do like/dislike?

I just can’t get my head wrapped around the stupid mesh/bento stuff. Cost me many woolongs to buy a body and noggin and I’m always too lazy to get really into it.


What is your pet peeve in SL?

Overtalkative group IMs. 😦 Already felt forced to silence many groups.

What valuable advice would you give to a new vlogger/blogger?

Do it if you wanna! If not – then don’t do it. Meh. :/

What is your favorite SL memory?

Honestly can’t remember. 😦 Probably some mainland riding with one of my many bikes.


What’s the craziest/wackiest/ strangest thing you’ve ever experienced on SL? Best?

The 200 meters tall girl visiting the Blake Sea was obviously very weird. Here she is at another occasion:

What 5 things make you the happiest on SL?

Sailing, riding motorbikes and camper vans on all mainland continents.


Is there anything you have learnt in SL that has helped you in RL?

To be more relaxed and tolerant and that most people are assholes … me included.

What is the one thing you want everyone to know about your avi & vlog/blog?

Just come in, look around and decide if you wanna stay or come back again some other time or delete the URL on the spot. 🙂

Too much of a good thing is fantabulous!


    • Thank you so much for this valuable information, Vivi. 🙂

      Now I can boast about my cleverness in Cherri’s blawg. Naaw, I’d never do that, I’ll boast about my clever readers being much more cleverer than Cherri’s Barbie puppet readership. 😉


  1. Orca! Your answers were a lot of fun and I got to know you a little better. The questions I had on my blog post were ones I was running by everyone to see which 19 everyone preferred, you didn’t have to do them all :P, I think you’re the very 1st to take up the challenge! YAY! I better get busy and answer 19 of theses. Don’t forget to tag 3 people to do it too. Thank you for participating & hugs! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ugh, you know with my special condition, OCD and all, I really didn’t have a choice but just had to pick up the challenge. Particularly now that Berry became a Linden and doesn’t host any challenges in her own blawg anymore. :/

      Liked by 1 person

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