Linux Mint 19.2 BETA

Mahalo, dear peeps

Just a brief heads-up today about the new Minty 19.3 version which will drop at or around xmas. Haha, Linux is a gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? For now we have a beta version to fuk around with thoroughly test and report if you find anything crappy with the system, so the devs can fix all problems before Linux’s most beloved distro releases at the end of December.

Orca just installed it, did some mild personification, started the Firefox browser and logged into Thar She Blows! right away. And that’s were we are now. So far all went okay and I’m more than happy. May be that I or you or anybody else will stumble over some shitty bugs when they try to work on more complex, serious productive software. But keep in mind, it’s all about Mint, the operating system, not some specific software projects which are made by completely differnt people. Testing the Beta is about integration and handling and functionality of the system, not your favourite graphics solution or office suite. :/

As usual the first sight of the freshly installed Mint is a friendly Welcome Screen. Here you can do the first adjustments and move-in stuff. Same as always.
Than we are asked to activate Snap-Shots and yadda yadda yadda …
So we’re clicking thru it all and going thru the motions. It’s no fun but has to be done. Initial update …
.. favourite desktop and windows decorations …
… all that funny stuff.
Meanwhile the update is running in the background. Logically, we shan’t and can’t install any additional software at this stage.
Fukn snapshots still running as well. That’s one of my least beloved functions of Mint. I don’t like automation; when I wanna do a system snapshot for data backup, I decide and do it myself. Also I never backup my whole system but just my very few personal files that are actually on  my computer and not on external hard drives where they usually reside.
Now this is some cool function, at least in the Ubuntu universe: Automatic detection and installation of your proprietary drivers for graphic cards, scanner and printers and such. Cool beanz!
Firefox is already installed and shows the minty-est website as startpage. Of course we swap that and  make Thar She Blows! our new startpage … or at least Orca does it. =^.^=
Yes yes yes! There’s Orca already hard at work. 😉

Tell you what, guys, honestly, if I hadn’t advanced from Mint since … uh, like forever, I’d be on Linux Mint 100%! See, this is by now a foreign system for me, and with the Cinnamon desktop some of my muscle memory won’t help me in this strange environment neither. Still I had no problem jumping onto Mint 19.3 Beta right away and get busy at once!

I love my Arch Linux stuff to pieces and I adore my outdated Mate old-people desktop but honestly. Mint is the most well-rounded, well-attributed and unbitchy Linux distro ever. Super stable and still a joy to use.

So guys, particularly those of you already on Mint, please take a heart, get the Beta and test it out. Shit should update more or less automatically once 19.3 is officially released.



  1. 🙂 I had the privilege of testing out the beta version of Linux Mint 19.3 as soon as it came out.

    I have noticed that it is much snappier.

    Also, it felt like the same old Linux Mint with the same Cinnamon desktop environment (Nothing to go crazy about).

    Arch Linux has me converted.

    Arch Linux is faster, more up-to-date and way more fun.

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  2. Yes, I too have the impression that Cinnamon is snappierer, but not since only now but since a couple versions already. They had to do something because as nice as Cinnamon is, it was always a bit trudging along. Now it’s speedy like a good Linux DE should be. 🙂

    And still … Arch über alles! \o/


    • Testing the Beta is absolutely not a neccesity, Neil. If you’re already on Mint the real McKoy will drop on you in about 2 weeks time.

      Arch tho. Hmmmm. 😉 But there’s no urgency, as it’s always fresh and recent and never a wrong time to give it a try. As you’ve seen in this blog there is no need to install the real pure vanilla Arch but you’ll find plenty forks which are mostly just 100% compatible + comfy installers + comfy DEs + various preinstalled software applications. 😉 The most complete experience you’ll get from Namib GNU/Linux methinks.

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