Fitness Club, Roadworthy, Loadshedding …

Hejsa folks,

yesterday was quite a hectic day, at least for this old hippie girl it was. I know most of you would do it in a matter of five minutes but I was on the road almost the whole day to get nothing really done. But look for yourself …

First thing, like almost every morning: Work out with Oubaas waiting patiently outside on the parking lot.
Yes indeed, Virgin Active health clubs have vegetarian fast food joints inside. Not very tasty, I can tell you. 😦
Upper floor is for yoga, weightlifting, cycling, cross training and running mills and all the unfunny fitness stuff.
Then on the way into town I came about this kinda geeky car number plate. 😉
Roadworthy test station. Of course Oubaas failed. But it’s only small shit, I have now 14 days to get sorted out. Mechanic has everything under control, except the speedometer cable which was discontinued by Ford and not to be found anywhere in the country. 😦 Oh what? The Ford 3 liter V6 is one of Europe’s most legendary engines, was built for 50 years or so and is even built in nowaday’s custom car projects. And it’s a fine engine. Can’t be that I don’t know how fast I’m going, FFS! 

BTW, I’ve found out Oubaas’ – more or less – exact age:

January 01, 1969. Which means it was build in Langley, Slough  in England, UK in roughly 1967/68 and assembled in Port Elizabeth, SA. So he’s not entirely that super old but was built and assembled during my lifetime. And everybody knows what a fresh youngling me is.

And what also happened: Power Outage! 😮 Maybe it was a bad omen that I joked about Eskom’s incompetency to keep a working electricity grid operational. Was a totally unannounced outage, so we suspect it was some emergency, unexpected loads and everybody and their granny firing up their ovens at once which resulted in a SWITCH OFF!

But then it happened again. Last night at 12 … pffffff … darkness, flashlights and laptops into action. What a shitty little outfit Eskom is. Last year they’ve flown in a bunch of expensive experts from Italy to show them how to produce electricity and keep the grid working … but now we obviously have a whole new bunch of “managers” to fill their personal coffers first before they can attend to their jobs. 😦

So detective Orca detects and checks with the city …

“The city that works for you!”

Okay, aha, so let’s have a peek to get the latest news directly from the horse’s mouth …

The power supplier that doesn’t work … at all. 😦

8:42 a.m. and I should be busy since 12 minutes already but decided to stay home a while longer and get back to bed.

Laterz peeps




    • That thing stood out, Neil. Usually our numberplates are like: CA 123-456 so every numberplate not following the convention sticks out like a sour thumb. I guess it took me even kinda long to figure this one out.

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