LOL, you know what’s supposed to follow after that opening, dontcha?

Yes, right, some more or less super duper happy ArchLinux user letting you kindly know on what operating system they are. For example the overly excited Orcsibaby, is known for letting one slip every now and then. A BTW, I use Arch that is. What were you thinking, perv?

Most points in that graphic go straight over Orca’s pretty stupid noggin.

Weirdly, as an aficionado of Karmi’s very opinionated Linux blog, this article has escaped my attention. I can highly recommend spending some minutes reading and try to wrap your head around it.

Of course I find most of his arguments highly objectionable but it’s a pretty amusing read nevertheless.

Yes, he’s right in so far that I love to brag about the many updates in Arch. But for completely different reasons than Karmi assumes. I don’t see them as MAJOR function of my system. The system is fine enough as it is, easy to operate and super speedy. The updates are just cool in so far as we Archies get spoiled with always the latest software versions. Dunno about you, I love it.

For Linus it’s everything but a toy OS, his Linux kernel made him a multimillionaire.

And when Karmi once again goes on about Arch users not knowing what their mice are capable of, he’s completely right. I have no clue what Auto-Scroll even is, never came about that function in my life, obviously never needed it. Not in Windows, Mac or Linux. All I know is that I get nervous when I hear the term “auto” since it usually robs me of my own free will and just does stuff before I even know if I want to have it done or not. So I just scroll through websites all by myself if I may. Thank you.

And the thing with printers? It’s not Linux’ fault if no printer manufacturer opensources their drivers or at least makes Linux versions for them. I’m a computer user which for me is the definition of not having to print out hardcopies of anything!

Fragmentation a problem? Freedom and many creative hobby developers and maintainers are a problem now? Maybe in China, North Korea or the old Soviet Union, not in the western free world. And choice, an overabundance of choice is a problem? Only for people from a weak bloodline who wouldn’t survive the winter anyway. 🙂

I like those shiny happy dolls

So if I’m a fashionista Barbie user so be it. I never claimed to be anything more. Quite the contrary, my lazyness and fashion sense brought me to Linus in the first place.

If the small but powerful elite of highly paid devs and millionaires get their way we will end up with a unified distro, probably some unusable power user shite like Ubuntu with Gnome Shell (Gnome 3) and most existing Linux users will be back on Windows before mentioned Linux millionaires can even say Oooopsy!

LOL, saying Linux ain’t able to beat Chrome OS is pure bullshit, as Chrome is out of the race right from the get-go. As everybody and their granny should know by now that ChromeOS is a monolith, made and owned by Google, FFS. Google!!! The corporation that got rid out their “Don’t Be Evil!” slogan to great fanfare. They are too big now to fail and so they can be as evil as they want. And they will be evil. Fuk do I care if I’m one of only a handful Linux users on my fringey distro and Chrome rules the market. At least I’m not spied upon. Not by design of my OS .



    • NO! to all Window Managers!!!

      I’m an ungeeky girl and have nothing on my mind other than disco and parties. Do I look like I wanna make my life miserable by using WMs?


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