Linux Mint vs LMDE: Which is Better?

HeyHo Mommalovers!

A topic near and dear to our Linux-appreciating hearts, as I kinda know that of the very few of you using Linux, a majority is on Mint. Right? Of course. Because you’re not stupid. But you’re never quite sure which version to use, Ubu- or Deb based.

So lookywatchy this:

Or do like the editrix and become the coolest Arch users.




  1. 🙂 Orca, I used both of them in the past and they do work well.

    The Linux Mint Debian Edition has the older packages of the two and a much older kernel.

    When one is spoilt rotten by Arch (like myself), everything else seems dull and outdated.

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    • Absofrigginlutely, Renard. I too used LMDE for a while because it made me feel like a super geek. Until I noticed the Ubu version is better maintained than the Deb version And we can even see it now, as Deb 10 is out since quite a while but Clem and his gang are too lazy to even set up a new LMDE version.

      But as you said, as Archies why should we care about small fry like that? I don’t have a server farm to administrate, do you? So we can be cool and lazy all day long. And every time an update comes through I feel a warm tingling sensation and tell myself those geeks do it all just for me. Personally. =^.^=

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