Second Life Winter Swaginator Hunt

Ooooh, I missed this exciting video of Berry praying us through some hunt or sumfink. Organised by LL? Probably a lot of useless crap to get out of this. Yeah, “winter decorations”, since Xmas deco isn’t PC enuff anymore or what? But what do I know? Me’s a sweet summer child and don’t play nice with winter and ice n snow and all that shit.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly – and what could be more jolly than a ton of new gifts? From now through most of December, Second Life will be giving away some goodies for everyone!

Four exclusive Winter decorations have been scattered across the Bellisseria continent: special variations of items found in the Premium gift are only available through this hunt! Pick up your HUD at the Meauxle Bureaux and make sure to complete the gift hunt in order by following the clues in the HUD and local chat. Happy hunting!



    • But come on now, 1024 is high res, ergo sharper and more detailed and better looking, no? I mean not all of us are in SL on bargain bin laptops but wanna get full eyecandy. I guess you too, Fiona. My GTX 770 isn’t the best graphics card, never has been, and I bought it second hand, but still it’s the single most expensive part of my setup. And I wanna squeeze the best out of it!


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