Please, Marvel, Don’t Fuk This Up!

Pleeezpleeeezpleeez … Marvel Studios! Give us a good movie, just a good movie with a good story for once! Can you do it?

Natasha Romanoff has always been our favourite Avenger  – for obvious reasons – and everybody was screaming and hoping for a Black Widow stand-alone movie. But the expert people said No Chance Never Ever!

And now it’s happening. 🙂

Okay, we all know Marvel is a bit in a spot of bother right now, due to Captain Marvel shitflick, so send in good old ScarJo to fix it all. 😉 Let’s just hope they’ve learned from their SJW misadventure  and give us a really gripping super hero spy drama with all the zip and zap now. Trailer looks good, if not spectacular, already. And maybe that’s exactly what Marvel and we need right now. Just a good action flick, no universal menace and the end of humanity n shit. Just a good ScarJo in a good thriller, thankyouverymuch.

… hmpf, everybody and their granny talks with Russian accent, everybody but our Russian superduper Natasha herself. Is that a sign of quality film-making?


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