Orca’s ArchLinux Hub in SL

LOL, ya,I know, nobody’s interested in Linux shit, and all the other info- and resource centers are empty empty empty. I doubt that a highIy specialized one-trick pony like my resource center will see more visitors, if any at all. I’m not delusional you know. But see it like one of my personal primdoodling projects, mostly for my own amusement and … ugh, to have something on my land. ūüėČ


Mighty big store for just a handful vendors but it was cheap and only 1 prim, and modable. So tomorrow I’ll put some freebie vendors in. Simple shit really, they will just give out the ULRs to download the ISO files of my most beloved ArchLinux distros: Superduper simple, comfy and luxurious Namib, robust and 100% compatible Archman, of course the giant but problematic Manjaro, and just to round it of, a download of plain vanilla Arch … for masochists and people who just wanna¬† see the world burn. =^.^=

Arch Linux PNG logo @ 90dpi

Any Archy distro you wanna see featured in my little store? Arco maybe, or ArchBang?


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