Jelly at Orca’s Mini Lenovo Computers?

Don’t be.

Yes, we all know Orca’s coolness is hard to beat, since she’s got the smallest desktop PC around this blog. But don’t fret, there’s hope for you. And you don’t even need to deal with obscure Chinese technology but you can buy some good old American hardware. 😉

Silentium, psssst …

Haha, of course are Intel’s things made in China as well cuz Intel’s not stupid. And as everybody knows have big huge American corporations not a single patriotic bone in them. But I like the look of this thing, a sober, bland, simple chic. If I hadn’t already Gaga and GagaMore in my machine park I’d throw a good long look at Intel’s new NUC generation.

I won’t tell you the details yet as these machines will come in  a wide gamut of computing power and storage solutions, from lowly Celerons to the latest i7s and two M.2 SSD slots. What you can and should forget tho is to use any Austin Beach machines for gaming or heavy graphical tasks. These are noble office warriors, tools not toys.

They aren’t available yet, neither are the prices. But I predict it will all be in the range of the recent NUC’s and with that will also make great little Linux distro testers. And that’s what you want, right?


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