I Wish

I so wish I could get away with all the festive stuff by just relaying this wonderful 100-word-story by Laurence Simon to you:

Yeah, best we stay in and just order our food.

What Laurence Simon (a.k.a. R. Crap Mariner in Second Life) describes here is exactly why I never became a fan of the silly winter season. It’s just too hectic. Particularly in the States you must go crazy during all the commercial festivities, no?

But, hey, we won’t order pizza. We never do! Pizza is poor people’s food for people with poor imagnation. Whenย  we go thru the hassle to order food it’s mostly Sushi, Chinese, Indian or some tasty dead animals from the steakhouse. Rarely fish coz that’s always disappointing.

But anyhoo, I will probably send xmas and new years greetz to my vast readership when the time arrives. Because I’m nice and unfortunately still a semi-domesticated part of “civilisation” n shit.


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