The Move

Oh hey, hey oh!

I had an idea. And I guess it was even quite a good idea. And it all worked out rather well. See, since MiniMax is out of order, probably permanently, I thought why let my good SSD go to waste? Why not transplant it into my new main machine, teenie tiny GagaMore?

And since I’m a woman of quick decisions, fast actions and in possession of 2, 3 or more screwdrivers …

Out with the old spinning platter, in with the old SSD … SWOOOSH!
At the same time installing the latest Singularity SL viewer and removal of the Nvidia driver and the fukn needless Oracle VM-Ware …
… followed by a rather huge update. All done! Let the blogging action begin. 😉

Okay, it was a gamble. I don’t have enuff clue of komputahz to know if the transplant would work. But after plugging the SSD in the system it started right away, without any nagging and whining and moaning. Everything worked and I could retrieve the files I couldn’t save when MiniMax gave up the ghost. Don’t we love modern plug’n’play tek? And, not to forget, super robust and undemanding Linux operating systems!

No, I really don’t wanna know, don’t even want to think about what would happen if you tried the same stunt with your Win10 and MacOS drives. 😮

This is so super duper kool. I mean I would’ve already been happy if GagaMore had acknowledged the SSD but I had to reinstall the Linux system. But no! Everything worked right away, exactly as it was on MiniMax the day he dieded.

So next step will be putting my updated and complete personal files back on the desktop and then maybe … just maybe … tomorrow or so, replacing Gaga’s small hard drive with GagaMore’s. But that’s not urgent. For now just let me bask in my glory for I’ve created a monster! Wuuuhahaha!!! 🙂

But now let’s see …

Of course SL looks shitty but at least I’m in! \o/ YAY! \o/



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