Internet Down! :o

Compleetlee!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Can’t a girl watch some – recommended – girlie YouToob widdiohs anymore?

LOL as you have maybe deducted by now it’s on again. Else how would I post this?

But anyhoo, this was already the second fukup for today and it’s only noon. I wonder how the rest of the day’s gonna unfold here in my little datacenter and blog bureau. :/

Global Internet Outage Over Next 48 Hours Could Affect ...
Gosh, I hope it won’t come to that. :/

Will now go offline for a bit anyway, cya latex


The World's Best Photos of gummi and rubberdoll - Flickr Hive Mind
Cuz latex is sexy! Innit? MEOW =^.^=




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