Arch Linux is the New Ubuntu?

Yes, we all know there are no real numbers about the “market share” of Linux in the greater scheme of things but what we know is that Ubuntu is still the absolute numero uno among all the Linuxes. But when it’s about gamers – and what isn’t about gamers these days? – some more reliable statistics are available. Particularly now that Linux is about to invade and take over the gaming realm.

Valve fixes PC gaming on Linux with Proton support for non ...
Valve is a big player in gaming on Linux

There is this ProtonDB thing, which is a gaming provider afaik, and they have petty accurate data about what systems their customers are on. Ok, let’s not forget we’re talking about a kinda specialised group in a very small demographic but those numbers give us a glimpse about what’s really hot and in and en vogue in Linux user land. When you don’t care about all the office workers who are forced on specific systems like Red Hat, Ubuntu, Suse or Oracle. When you don’t take the sad enterprise world into account the picture looks like so:

\o/ YAY! Arch! \o/

Okay, Ubuntu is still the main dog but it is quickly losing its install base, same as its better fork-off, Mint. See how their numbers dwindle? How they aren’t loved by the gamer kidz anymore? But what is growing, rather fast in a steady process is Arch’s market share. When you combine Arch and Manjaro’s numbers (Manjaro being a fork off of Arch) they far outweigh Ubu and Mint.

Linux gaming: Quake III Triple monitor setup, Linux Mint ...
Quake III triple monitor setup on Linux Mint

And that is only logical and good if you ask me. Clever distros like Manjaro turned the former geekfest Arch into super usable, complete and comfortable everyday mom’n’dad distros. And with that into distros for gamers as well!

Gamers don’t want to geek out over technical stuff and needing to download and add countless drivers n shit; they wanna play and everything must work right outta the box. And that is much easier with Arch-based distros, which usually come already equipped with all the drivers and media codecs one would need to power a gaming rig. Or … LOL, a Second Life rig. I’ve never ever, in any other Linux distro, installed Singularity and Firestorm SL viewers plus the latest Nvidia graphics drivers so quickly and comfy as in ArchLinux-y distributions.

The matching YT widdioh:

So what did that weird Orca gurl wanted to tell us?

It’s easy peepel, pretty easy. We should stop caring so much about a clearly unfathomable marketshare of Linux distros – as shown for example in DistroWatch – but eclusively care about what’s right and good for us. Individually!

Ubuntu doesn’t bother with their desktop anymore, they just jump on the Gnome train, no matter if that desktop is any good, Mint is trying hard to stay relevant and is still the absolute murder distro for everything and everybody but slowly losing out to even cleverer solutions. And it becomes more and more true that Manjaro has become the new Ubuntu! What Ubuntu did to the Debian world, Manjaro managed do achieve in the Arch world. And is falling into the same trap as Ubuntu. 😦

And, come on, why dance around the pudding? Let me give it to you straight: ArchLinux is the far far betterer code base for everyday computers! It can do everything Ubu ever did but more easy and comfy and faster and with less ballast and shit! Of course it’s not primarily made for servers who are running for years without ever shutting down … but that’s not what we’re looking for or is it? If it were so, why tf are you still running Windows???

Hurrah! SuperTuxKart Has Been Greenlit on Steam! - OMG ...
You’re not restricted to TuxKart anymore

No, Arch is also not made for n00bs, but that’s what forked-off distros are for, right? Clever little projects like Namib GNU/Linux and Archman are bringing Arch pretty close to absolute beginners territory and are quickly learned and their quirks getting used to. Manjaro too, if you want, but I guess Manjaro, like Ubuntu became to big and careless and a bit bloated with luxury items you won’t need anymore after a while and then they are just in the way and heighten the risk of breaking the system.

So don’t fall for the – past – greatness of well-established Linux distributions, look for the stuff happening now!

Arch Linux is The Shit!

And now shut up and accept this universal truth. 😉

Revert Arch linux packages to specific date :: Blog ...
Keep it Simple, Stupid!


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