Why Doesn’t Linux Work on my PC?!

Hello and good morning my beautiful babies. 🙂

Undead zombie Man of many very restricted facial expressions Jay Lecroix made a video that will hopefully answer some of your questions. Particularly for the poors schmucks among you that just can’t get Linux to run on their hardware. Come on, we all know Linux runs on everything! So the answer to your question can only be: Compability!

Means it’s just some settings in the BIOS/UEFI that need to be changed … and off you go onto your personal Linux adventure!

But first we watch:

Orca’s private Golden Protip: Don’t try to change the world on your first day in Linux, don’t attempt working around the system, don’t do any exotic stuff. Just try the live version of Linux Mint as you’re supposed to do. See, when you insert a DVD or USB stick with Mint in your PC and reboot you’ll end up in a live environment. From there you can play with and test a lot of stuff. Of course it’s slower than the installed version but we’re only testing your hardware compability for now. Open the browser, surf a little, mock up some office documents, try some customization  of your desktop, all the little shit. Do mouse and trackpad and keyboard work? Ok, then you may install.

First get the basics done. And after you managed to jump the first hurdle you may go krazee!!! Branch out, install some exotic Linuxes with the most eclectic desktop environments, or just work with window managers, try the command linen language of your favourite distro. I bet you’ll see it’s very hard finding something better than Mint anyway.

Yeah, but First things first: Get Mint on your dedicated test machine … the rest comes later.


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