O@tM: Clue (1985)

In preparation for upcoming main attraction Knives out wedecided to have a peek at Clue. Why? Both are murder comedies … and Chris Stuckmann in his review hinted us to Clue. So here we go:

Clueless and silly, also funny?

Clue is a movie about seven guests, a butler, and a maid, who are all involved in a series of murders. The guests all meet at Hill House, where you learn that Professor Plum works in D.C., where everyone else lives. Colonel Mustard is a client of Miss Scarlet, who is the ex-employer of Yvette, the maid, who had an affair with the husband of Mrs. White, etc. Blackmailer Mr. Boddy gives each guest a weapon and tells them to kill butler Wadsworth to avoid being exposed. Add in Mrs. Peacock’s craziness and Mr. Green’s clumsiness, and meet a whole group tangled in a web of murder, lies, and hilarity.

IMDb: 7.3

Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren, Madeline Kahn, Eileen Brennan, Michael McKean, and Martin Mull in Clue (1985)
Suspect, very suspect. The lot of ’em.

This movie is supposedly star studded, although international audiences might only know of the always great flawless and perfect human being Tim Curry (from everything) and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future).  If you’ve ever played Cluedo you might know the dramatis personae and cast of this flick and the screenplay writer John Landis.

Curry acted all the others against the wall and ran circles around them.

Apart from that this was a shitty, typical 80s comedy. Although we’re talking mutiple murders here, I refuse to call it a dark comedy, the whole tone of the movie was too lighthearted and silly, almost slapsticky in parts and the ensemble obviously was trying to outsilly each other.

Eileen Brennan in Clue (1985)
Just a harmless little old lady?

But, and now pay attention for I’m getting serious now, this flick isn’t PC, not the least little bit. The female roles are typical females while the men are stupid af cowards. And that was what saved Clue for hubby and me! While it really is no laughing matter it was so unburdened by any political agenda and gender messages, we had indeed some mild fun and both came to the same conclusion:

Madeline Kahn in Clue (1985)
The black widow could’ve done it!

Clue is everything but a cineastic piece de resistance but still 10 times better than what comes out of Hollywood these days.

Lesley Ann Warren in Clue (1985)
Bish has murder written all over her. 😮

Here is Stuckmann’s review of the recent Knives Out. I’ll tell you afterwards why I stuck it in here:

If you listened to Chris’ review and/or looked at the IMDb page, you surely have noticed that it’s not only a really star studded movie but was directed by Ruin Johnson. 😮


Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren, Madeline Kahn, Eileen Brennan, Michael McKean, Martin Mull, and Lee Ving in Clue (1985)

Yes, him, the destroyer of the Star Wars franchise, and public enemy of the worldwide Fandom Menace! So you can maybe imagine that I’m not 100% positive if I’m gonna watch this film or better not. Hmmm, I should ask my clever husband, what he thinks, and if he’d be willing to accompany me. :/

Michael McKean in Clue (1985)
Who the actual F kills somebody with a lead pipe?

Okayyy, here is finally a review of the original Clue movie:

A gun! That’s how real men kill!

Oh, and btw, the world’s best pirate crew has the flick in crisp 1080p and with all 3 endings. But please, I beg you, be careful! If you’re torrenting from a civilized country or America, please use a VPN.


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