And This is Why!

This is why Orca ain’t in world so much anymore. I mean even less than usual, so hardly ever. See:

After MiniMax’s tragic death I pushed all the hard tasks over to GagaMore, my new minimicromacro Lenovo dwarf computer. And while that thing works adorably well and would be all I’d ever need if I weren’t a discerning SL resident. I’ll show you in a second why SL is crap on GagaMore, but first I installed the latest Singularity-Alpha viewer, 7975, from the AUR.
And while GagaMore comes with, like, the latest and bestet in the world of Intel onboard graphics, we can see right away rendering takes quite a while on this system. Orca is a fukn – albeit sexy – cloud. 😦
But eventually she’s rendered in all her natural beauty and I send her out to one of my old favourite sims for photography, But you see ominous greyed out stuff in the background. And while I’m waiting patiently for that shit to  rezz …
… something else pops up right beside me. A garden a wall, a house …
That’s disheartening. :/ How am I supposed to sail or use motor vehicles in a world majorly invisible to me? See the unfinished trees in background? Yeah, they are there indeed. But not in a quality I’d dare to show in some report from inworld,
And while I wander around a little I notice ever more how bad Intel’s onboard graphics really are. Textures out of focus, halfassedly rezzed trees and buildings. 😦

Yeah, that’s right, graphics are shit and playing in SL is just no fun anymore. Particularly if I wanna publish some photos from inworld. 😦 So bear with me and my boring Linux and America-bashing shit for a while. Until Orca’s back on her feet. And when she’s back she’ll be in wonderful mesh  and bento and will be unrecognizable anymore. But don’t expect her to ever become a tits’n’ass wonder FFS!

Fashion blogger Kess Crystal‘s spaceship boobs and ginormous behind may be highly en vogue right now in the fashion blogging scene, but Orca ain’t much interested in clothes … or wearing them. Because she don’t wanna! Little Orcsi’s a hyperactive bikini-clad action avie, and that’s it!



    • Yeah. 🙂 I’m stuck as well. If I would suddenly stop yoga-ing I’d just get fat and rotund but prolly still having a flabby ass and still no tits to speak of. :/


    • Yes, me too, hun, me too. It’s not about going anywhere, it’s about driving, flying sailing and … snapping snapshots! I wanna do all the stuntgirl things + eyecandy, dammit! 256 meters DD, full details in everything, reflections, projections, shadows, the whole shebang!


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