Sorry, Need to Brag Again

About Linux. Oviously, eh? About what else would I brag to you?

As it so happened, while I was busy in the club, kneading myself into a human pretzel and enjoying a nice Turkish steam sauna and at least 10 minutes of extended hot/cold showers, the care bears around Linus Torvalds at the Linux kernel group, and to a lesser extent, the smaller cuddle bears at ArchLinux sent out a new update. Nothing special, they do it multiple times each day, but today, yes, there was a special gift from the kernel group in the update.

Guck mal:

Terminal shows active kernel 5.3.12 but in the background we already see the update list with shit that wants to be installed. Fuk do I know what all that stuff is. I just download and install it since I trust them guys at Arch upstream.
And not even two minutes and one reboot later, looksy what we have here: Brandspanking new Linux kernel 5.3.13. This means all actual and recent Linux distros are theoretically able to handle the latest peripherals, like for example printers and scanners and wifi modules and media codecs and everything. This enables Linux faster, much faster than Windows to play with the newest hardware. Of course not when you’re a Debian slowpoke, but when you’re a sexy Arch user you should be the coolest person in the universe right now. 🙂

Wanna have a fancy original NASA wallpaper for your computer? Here you go:

At exactly that moment Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean was probably the coolest person in the universe, getting a rock star portrait shot by his commander Charles “Pete” Conrad. Of course is ‘cool’ a relative quantity and not even Mr. Bean could ever dream of being even remotely as cool – and sweet smelling – as Orca, and most other Linux users right now. Well, ummm, that doesn’t include Ubuntu doofuses but the rest of you should be okay. 😉 Congratz.


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