Come On, Orca …

… finally admit your defeat and report about fukn smartphones! Stupid girl almost missed Linux entering the smartphone market. But now PinePhone is available and it promises to be goodygood. In typical Linuxy fashion you’ll be able to install various OS distros and turn your humble phone into a mini computer that also makes phone calls. 🙂

Lookywatchy here so:

This all sounds very promising, Orca couldn’t resist blogging about it any longer. 😮

Ya, I know. Despite my personal aversion against telephones in general and smartphones in particular, it wouldn’t be very nice of me not to tell you about this new shit, now would it?

Prototypes in action:

Pine ain’t even alone on the market, and even tek sceptic slowpoke Orca must admit it’s about time Linux gets a foothold in the highly lucrative smartphone market as well. Remember how glorious Canonical/Ubuntu failed to get even the funds organised for a prototype phone? When was that, 2014, 2015 or so? And now I know of at least two companies bringing out Linux-driven smartphones.

Ok, I gotta admit that is indeed quite cool. :/

150 Woolong ain’t much, and Dec/Jan is just around the corner.

More in depth information for if you really must know:

The PineBooks are quite cool, the PinePhone … meh.

Okayyy, did my journalistic duty, can you now please refrain from ever talking to me about fukn telephones? No matter how clever or smart or even FOSS and Linuxy they might be. I’m just not interested. Capisce?

Runs Linux, still just a smartphone. 😦



    • Whoa, that’s some pretty geeky stuff you did there I guess. I wouldn’t have a clue how to get any Linux distro on any phone … and then wouldn’t know what to do with it. I’m so far behind the times, it’s really nothing short of a miracle how stupid housewifey me not only ended up on Linux but then Arch to top it all of. 😮


  1. Hello! I have a question having nothing to do with any of this, lol.
    In that picture you showed me of someone performing a very difficult yoga move…was that you, btw? I just saw your avator here and thought, “That looks a lot like the short blond-haired woman in Orca’s yoga photo.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL NOOOO! Me’s about twice as old as that chick in the photo and also have left my hair-dyeing times behind me a long time ago, sporting a very natural brown-grey now. Also I’d never take my good camera in the bikram studio with me. With the hot humidity in there it’ll rust away in seconds. 😮
      Only halfways recent RL photo of me. Makes me look like I sport an impressive double chin. 😮 After that unfortunate snap of sleeping me I forbid hubby from ever shooting me again!

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  2. Hahaha. Gotcha. The yoga lady DOES look like some of your avators, though. I knew you were *older* like me, but the weird thing about yoga is it’s like the fountain of youth for some people, right? I thought you might have been a young-looking 40-something year old.
    I, too, am letting the gray show proudly at my temples now.
    Like they say–I’ve earned every one.

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    • Thank you kindly, Stacey. I gave my avatar always white, blue or sometimes red hairs. Nothing else, in SL I go 150% plasticky, nothing natural with my avie. In RL I used to be a red head and black in my punky times but now I couldn’t care less. And the last thing we should care about are the grey hairs, as you said we’ve earned them. Yes, yoga is like a fountain of youth indeed. One of my instructors was 83 y/o and outpretzeled and out-wisdomed all of us younglings … with ease.

      And thx again for the 40-something. 🙂 Hun, I am tragically 53 y/o now, feeling much younger – until I check the mirror. 😮 All in all I gotta say living here at the cape is freeing in more than just a few aspects. With the mostly hot and sunny weather and the hippie-ish lifestyle comes a lack of conformity and style, so by my few, very few clothes one could think I might be a particulary sloppy teenager. Also a bonus of getting old: I don’t care anymore if I’m missing the latest fashion trend and what ppl might think. Nobody around here does. The people here are so uninhibited, they don’t even notice and care. At least I’m wearing shoes (ok flip flops) most of the time, many of the hippies don’t.

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