LiMux: What Really Happened

Yeah, wasn’t it a positive signal from Germany’s 3rd largest city, to switch from Windows to a customized Ubuntu-based Linux environment? We remember, don’t we? And then the sudden and unfair, needless end of the project. 😮

Between 2004 and 2017 Munich ran a custom Linux distribution called LiMux in the city offices. The project was ended in a political move to return to “Industry Standard” of Windows 10 by 2020.
Linux Magazine in Germany did an interview with former Mayor Christian Ude who was instrumental in LiMux’s creation.

Thank you very much for this clarifying rehash of the Bavarian swamp situation, Quidsup and Ms. Quids.

Well, it doesn’t need much of imagination to kinda know this was the result of lobbying, political backroom deals, jealousy and pure old greed and plain corruption. 😦

Those were the days. 😦



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