Franks Elite Jazz in Second Life is Staying Open

Close – stay open – close – stay open …
Does anybody at FEG know what they’re doing?

Magick Thoughts ❤ Second Life and Real Life

As I am in SL to water my plants the VIP group for Franks is buzzing! It turns out that yesterday it was decided that Franks Elite will be staying open and going to new management. A man involved with Franks and good friend to management, Mr William Zeta will be taking over the reigns. He was owner of the former, Sphynx Jazz Club in 2006-2009. From what I read in this notecard he was gone for awhile and is back now and has agreed to take over Franks Elite.

I do not know what staff is staying or leaving but Franks Elite will remain. From what I understand the other FEG sims will still be closing. Here is the notecard I grabbed from the VIP group. I took a snapshot of it.

I really hope no one left the group already… I assume the fee will remain 1000L? Anyway…

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