The world’s fastest supercomputers hit higher speeds than ever with Linux

Hah! Not only is Linux faster, than all the other shit, it’s even faster than EVER!

Petaflop! Hear that? PEEEETAAAAFLOOOP!!!

The new list of the world’s fastest computers — supercomputing’s Top 500 — is out, and every one runs faster than a petaflop using Linux.

That’s kinda speedy I reckon. 😉
China continues to develop more and faster machines. It now has almost half (227) of the world’s fastest supercomputers. At the same time, the US-based system remains near its all-time low at 118. That said, American systems are, on average, significantly larger and faster. So, in terms of aggregate performance, US supercomputers still have a 37.8% share of the list. China is close behind with a 31.9% performance share. China is gaining. The June 2019 list had the US with 38.4% of the list’s aggregate performance and China with 29.9%
Computer stuff is just like the real world: In China many people have access to super computers while in USA only few people have access to SUPERDUPER computers. The choice is yours … LØL. 🙂
But apart from that ideological conflict, pay attention to this:
Regardless of the hardware, all 500 of the world’s fastest supercomputers have one thing in common: They all run Linux.
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • How fast would they run on Arch? Probably slower. AFAIK there is no Arch derivate deticated to HPC. That field is pretty much dominated by dedicated scientific computing RedHat derivates like Rocks or Centos, with some Debian derivates (usually buildt by the institutes themselves) thrown in for good measure.

      I buildt one cluster with the ultimate goal of “can be repaired/maintained by a physicist with no prior knowlege and some computer courses” I went with MINT – which proved a first garde PITA. Unless someone forces me to do another one with a similar goal I will never ever use a vanilla desktop distros on a cluster again. Yes building your own distro is annoying, but it has exactley the features you want and updates when you want to. Just keep in mind that those machines in the top 100 Flops/second or Flops/Watt list rarely even use stock parts anymore.

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      • Egg-zackly!
        As much as I love and adore ArchLinux and want to be the mother of Arch’s baby, and as speedy as it is, it’s still a computer desktop system, not supposed to power clusters and servers.


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