Kevin Smith Explains The Expanse


As if we’re not impatiently fiddling around in our seats and can hardly contain ourselves while we wait for Season 4 of The Expanse. 😮 Now they send  the beloved Silent Bob to rehash the first three seasons in many more words than he ever used in his trademark role.

Kevin Smith recaps the first three seasons of The Expanse so you can jump right into season four when it’s released Friday, December 13th on Amazon Prime Video. A show known for its visual effects, Kevin assumes he’ll have access to the same high-caliber graphics throughout the recap. He shows off his green screen prowess while summarizing 30 hours of action-packed TV, unaware special effects were never planned to be added.

» The Expanse returns 12/13. Watch the current season with Prime:


About The Expanse: The disappearance of rich-girl-turned-political-activist Julie Mao links the lives of Ceres detective Joe Miller (Thomas Jane), accidental ship captain James Holden (Steven Strait) and U.N. politician Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo). Amidst political tension between Earth, Mars and the Belt, they unravel the single greatest conspiracy of all time.

About The Expanse Seasons 2: In this noir thriller set two hundred years in the future, the case of a missing young woman leads a washed-up detective across the solar system to uncover the greatest conspiracy in human history.

About The Expanse Seasons 3: As the Rocinante crew digs deeper into the search for Prax’s missing daughter, the war between Earth and Mars turns deadly in ways the solar system has never seen. But a new threat in the outer reaches of the Belt could prove much more dangerous, threatening to test the very future of humanity.

About The Expanse Seasons 4: Season 4 of The Expanse, its first as a global Amazon Original, begins a new chapter for the series with the crew of the Rocinante on a mission from the U.N. to explore new worlds beyond the Ring Gate. Humanity has been given access to thousands of Earth-like planets which has created a land rush and furthered tensions between the opposing nations of Earth, Mars and the Belt. Ilus is the first of these planets, one rich with natural resources but also marked by the ruins of a long dead alien civilization. While Earthers, Martians and Belters maneuver to colonize Ilus and its natural resources, these early explorers don’t understand this new world and are unaware of the larger dangers that await them.

Friday, December 13th on Amazon Prime Video.” = Saturday, December 14th on TPB. 🙂

Ooooh, December will be exciting! Expanse with a long-awaited fourth season and Star Wars with a fukked up good bye for a long-long time. At least the big trilogy movies. Well, no loss. Really not. After Roundhead’s total failure with Last Jedi the super profitablest movie franchise of all time was ruined anyway. And judging by what we hear about the test screenings, the last movie, Epi IX – Rise of Skywalker is, even after excessive reshoots, a regular trainwreck … only less entertaining. Now they’ve called in no other than disgruntled retiree George Lucas himself to save the franchise.

Of course your editrix will duly take one for the team and try to catch a matinée on opening day* – so you don’t have to! :/






* = Knowing how SW is on an all-time low with fans and general audiences alike, it shouldn’t be a problem to get tickets for the premiere, even without pre-booking. Not after our experience with Solo. 😉

The power of the Fandom Menace: Solo played to almost empty theaters

Including Orca and hubs we were maybe 4 or 5 people in the audience.


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