Nobody to Blame but Themselves They Have

You simply have to share those files, right?

Rumour has it that Mandalorian will be more often piratized than even GoT!

You sell only in USA, but the whole world watches. For fuxn FREE! 🙂

TPB is temporary kaputt but episode 2 already rolling out thru other outlets …

Just waiting for the right one, with subtitles and at least 1080p quality, directly from Disney+



    • Uh yes, I see in your chosen country of dwelling you need all that stuff for self-protection. Yes, yes, no good circumstances to start a career in international piracy. 😉

      “To Disney this shouldn’t come as a surprise and the company immediately tried to contain the damage by issuing takedown requests.”
      That doesn’t sound like Disney legal is going against the single torrenter but against the organised uploaders. Hmm, maybe better not risk it. :/

      I’m so so soo hapy that we got out of the European madhouse.

      But, LOL, for Linux ISO files I never use torrent, the servers are usually pretty much quick enough to download the file in a couple minutes.

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