Moved In ;)

You know what’s always the last part of moving into a new operating system and desktop environment? Yes, of course making it truly and visibly your own by deleting all the standard wallpapers it came with, and replacing them with some of your own:


Not only does the wallpaper nicely combine two of my favourite things, yoga and ArchLinux but now, and only now, GagaMore has truly become my home for the forseeable future.

Does your computer haz such a tiny case too?

While I’m switching wallpapers quite often, my recent Linux distro of choice, Archman GNU/Linux, will stick with me for a while. Because, just like Linux Mint, this Shit just werkz! First tests reveal Gagamore doesn’t reach MiniMax’ speed in most applications, despite being of a much later generation and also an Intel  i5 proci and 8 Gigs RAM. Is obviously some of the modern energy saving crap tech or sumsuch. 😦

M900 Tiny

I’m living now fulltime in the desirable GagaMore, with Gaga serving as ersatz and distro test machine. I don’t even dare trying to reinstall a system on MiniMax because who knows how long it’s gonna werk, one or two weeks, before the mobo fux up the next time? 😮

Wallpaper Collection For Your Computer and Mobile Phones ...
Modern day Lenovo assembly line workers building my fine GagaMore PC.

Tiny Gagamore is built by Chinese professionals, those inventive, no-nonsense industrious bastards with their tiny little fingerz and lots of computer-fu. Unkaputtable tech with the built-in WOW factor! 😉

Conceptualizing the Asian Martial Arts: Ancient Origins ...
KungFu Masters Len and Ovo inventing the modern small form factor PC ~ 1872 a.d.



    • Not quite, Renard. Not that it matters much since Namib and Archman are almost identical but I’m having Archman now on the – out of commission – MiniMax and GagaMore, while I’m running Namib on Gaga. And I totally forgot what’s on OrcNet. That thing must only be fit for our next Germany trip, so it could as well be formatted and empty now.

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  1. Lol on the last photo especially.

    The only comment I can make on this subject has nothing to do with the subject, just the pic. you chose above with the chick in a backbend over Archlinux…..
    Once upon a time, I used to be able to do that!
    But not anymore………!
    But I think I COULD get there if I took up yoga or stretched regularly every day (something I only do sporadically at best) but I don’t think I care enough anymore. It’s nice to get older in some ways and just let some things….sort of…..peel away….and slide off………….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • Yeah, isn’t it nice to let things slip n slide and get older in dignity?
      I mean yes BUUUUT no. Yoga is just too much fun and when you do it like almost daily you will see results pretty soon. Not just for your physical self but also the mind. Meditation is another yoga discipline and the only physical activity needed is the ability to sit still for, like, 20 minutes or so.
      I enjoy it all so very much, that’s why I do it. The getting slimmer, stronger and flexible is just a bonus. And that’s why I do it in health clubs and sometimes in the local ashrama. It “forces” me to stay active and don’t let it slip. Because I know I would soon become lazy and inert if I hadn’t those appointments.

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  2. Ooh, nice! You’re very wise. I don’t which culture made the statement: “Long tendons means long life,” but it’s true, ain’t it?
    I need to get back to the daily stretching FOR SURE. I do light weight training right now and elliptical running. Another goal: I want to walk on my hands again.
    After several injuries over the years involving shoulders and wrists, that fell away too, and walking on my hands used to be one of my biggest joys in life.
    I will do it again. If it’s the last thing I do.
    Namaste 🙂

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    • Namaste Stacey,
      yeah, my yoga instructor once told the group that we would physically grow up to 1″ because the cartilage will be expended when doing lots of stretching. I did never measure myself to find that out but it makes kinda sense. And yoga makes you fit for a long life (yoga instructor was 83 and just had heart surgery when I attended his class) and long tendons. LOL.

      You were walking on your hands? Whoa! All I can do is a headstand, although even without hands for a couple seconds by now. But only when I’m, like, very very calm and relaxed. Mostly it ends with me crashing down on the mat kinda ungracefully. Same as padangustasana, which took me years to finally get it right. I’m too much of a hectic, impatient westerner.

      And I can suck my own toes. Yay me and my yoga party tricks. 🙂

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  3. Holy crap, that’s amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that before.
    Adding inches would be a plus too. Hubby recently was measured at the doc’s office and horrified that he’d lost an inch.
    But yeah, stretching out is key. Can’t let things tighten up and stiffen up and start hurting. That’s the beginning of the end.
    Thanks for renewing my very vague desires into something much stronger where stretching is concerned.

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    • Tee hee, as you can see in the mirror behind blondie, although hundred thousands of worldwide Bikram Yoga practitioners do this asana as part of their 26-poses routine, many are just sitting/standing this one out. It’s indeed one of the technically more complex asanas to do and demands some mastering of your own body. Also you don’t need to master that one in order to reap the benefits of a robust yoga practice. As said it took me years for three reasons:
      1) during the class each asana gets assigned a certain time, so there just isn’t enough time to try and fail very often
      2) Bikram yoga is done in a special heated studio with high humidity, almost like a sauna, so it’s a rather expensive “lifestyle” yoga for the young and trendy yoga hipsters
      3) I only do it like once a year or so, just to spoil myself … and I’m always the oldest attendee. Also I’m much too lazy to practice at home alone

      But yes, stretching is very very important. I have no clue if the claims about gaining height are true but it can’t harm anyway. And as we get older we shrink. It’s just natural as we don’t do much sports anymore but spend hours on end hunched in front of computers and TVs. That’s not good, in general and even less for our posture.


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