The Fuk?

Today, this morning, me leaving the house for the fitness club and then driving to another suburb for police clearing service of Oubaas. Yikes! 😦 I mean yoga n stuff is fine. I love and do it since many years and am fit as a pair of sneakers and bendy like a human pretzel … but the fukn South African bureaucracy around my harmless little old van makes me wanna throw up. 😐

Very Funny Cats 65 - YouTubeBut anyway, finally I seem to have presented them with the right papers and they sent me away so I can go to the vehicle dpt were I can finally officially register Oubaas. Well, right after presenting them a special roadworthy certificate. 😉

\o/ YAY’n’Stuff! \o/

But then, after returning home and kickin my flip flops in the corner I switch on my good computer and …


… nothing but blackness with a small hectic blinking cursor in one corner! 😮 The waaaaa…??? Okay, this is the second time in, like, two weeks or so, and slowly I start mistrusting my “good” MiniMax and reactivate my duo of minimacro Lenovo desktops. Of course Gaga goes crazy and gives me shit while I try to reinstall Namib on her. But at least my new pride and joy, Gagamore is up and running in no time and only takes, like, two minutes to be totally up to date and ready to take over the blogging and multimedia duties from our old main machine. Of course Second Life can run only on lowlow graphics, so snapping nice snapshots is out of the question.

Yeah, SL isn’t the best experience imaginable. :/ But anyways, I shouldn’t whine and moan but be happy that I have – pretty capable – spare computers available at all. 🙂


1000+ images about Hello Summer on Pinterest | Hello kitty ...Buuuuuuut then … hmmmm, there are some yummy deals to have on upgrade kits. And right now the ZAR – €uro exchange rate is rather super duper for us, so maybe …

South Africa’s bestest and cheapest computer parts mailorder store



    • Thank You, Sophie.
      The yellow is more like a mustard/orangey blend and the workdesk is in fact an old IKEA dinner table. We cut the legs short to office desk height, since we don’t have a dining room anymore and this one was the biggest table we still had. Perfect and big enough for all my computer shit.
      It’s also kinda the “center” of our small house since we take all our meals and consume media here as well. We got rid of our TV many many years ago, so the center screen is our multimedia output. 🙂


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