Housewives of Linux

Yes, this is gonna be boring, so boring. If the thought of Linux doesn’t make you hot and horny and doesn’t motivate you to change your life, you better fucque off now. The rest of you are more than welcome to stick around, read my insignificant opinion and attack me in the comment section.

But first we read, okay?

Top200As you know, and as I’ve stated often enough by now, the realm of GNU/Linux has reached a level of maturity and usefulness that gives the “professional” WinApple systems a run for their money, and in case of Microsoft even puts them to shame. Apple too, even if for slightly different reasons; jus’ sayin’. I guess it’s save to say one could pick any of the, say, Top-200-ranked distributions of the silly DistroWatch charts and get along with it quite nicely. For example Orca’s favourite distro, Namib GNU/Linux, which is on the lowly 180th rank but a very usable and easily understandable operating system nevertheless.

Still the quality and userfriendlyness, eventhough generally pretty high, isn’t that well-adjusted for the new users and people who can’t be stereotyped as computer geeks. It’s for those people, the housewives of Linux, I’m doing most of my writeups and reviews.

The other side of Linux users, the geeks, the hobbyists, they often don’t even look for ease of use, quite the contrary; they want stuff to be complicated and hard. They want to play and experiment with Linux, while mostly doing their “real” work on Windows-powered computers. Well, fuk ’em, and good luck to them, they don’t need my feeble advice and opinions.

Namib GNU/Linux

One could call me a techno-commie and not be too far off with that definition since it were indeed mostly political reasons that drove me away from Microsoft and into the open arms of Linux. But I kinda refuse to accept the term commie since striving for freedom, self-determination and independence are basically human and American core values, no? And I guess most of my human and American readers won’t like to be called communists. And I’m happy to oblige. 😉

So, here we are, wide-eyed n00bs – having nothing to do with evil socialism and communism – in front of a mighty jungle of Linuxy stuff and have no idea how to start. When I said you may pick almost every distro from the Top200 pack and learn to get along with it quite fine, it was … in jest. No, not really, we’re earnest now, trying to sort this Linux mess out, but it was … relative! Yeah, that’s a better term. Inside the Top200 you’ll find some distros that are relatively hard to install and operate and some that are relatively easypeasy and kiddieplay for the averagely talented adult person. But as you know talent in adults varies quite a lot and is also relative, so that’s why I focus on the really, ojectively, confirmedly friendly shit out there, ok?

And that’s also why I majorly gave up on testing every Linux distro that comes out these days but stick to my most boring, neverchanging, one-item list of recommendations: Linux Mint.

Linux Mint

No, I didn’t even put my own favourite distro in that, admittedly rather short list, as Namib is easy to install and operate but still misses some of Mint’s completeness. Because we’re looking for a one-stop distro: Install and forget! Just use the shit out of it and go your merry ways. We housewives of Linux, we don’t want to study computer science and become ivory tower professors, we simply wanna work with our Linux OS, we wanna log in SL, wanna read and write blogs, edit photos, steal movies share files, surf the interwebz, read Thar She Blows! all the usual stuff.

I’m not gonna lie to you, every Linux distro comes with a certain learning curve. Some are steep, some are flatter but you’ll need at least a little while to get used and adjusted to your new environment, no matter how supposedly n00b-friendly they promise to be.


But, hey, don’t tell me the Windows stuff came easy for you and you didn’t spend a certain amount of time asking friends and family members for help and good advice before you got really good with that Windows stuff in the end. And what if I promise you now that Mint is much easier and more logical than Windows and your learning curve mostly exists of forgetting your old Windows routines? Would you believe me? Better believe it!

And again, with your varying levels of knowledge the time you spend as a n00b can be short and sweet and exciting and full of learning adventures for the seasoned computer user. Or they can be hellish and just frustrating for those of you who compute-by-the-numbers. That learning curve is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be soul-crushingly devastating!

And as we’ve found out – and by we I mean numerous distro testers and reviewers and people with far more knowledge and wisdom than me – Linux Mint is the globally most liked Linux distro. It has something of everything and something for everybody. You start on Mint as a dough-eyed n00b and you can get old and wise on it … without ever having to change your system. It’s so well-rounded and complete, without asking to much of academic involvement from you.


“But Orca”, I hear you protest, “Mint isn’t really the number one distro, as that honour is still on Ubuntu. And even in DistroWatch’s Top200 chart it’s only on #3, behind MX Linux and Manjaro!”

MX Linux

Yes, that’s right, but by admitting to Ubuntu’s unchallenged status we just noticed how absurd DistroWatch’s wannabe hitparade is. Let’s not talk about Ubuntu as it has lost a lot of its appeal as a userfriendly distro and is mostly used by old users who are too comfortable where they are and much too lazy to look for better stuff. In fact the average Ubuntu user has the same ability of creative thinking as the typical Windows user.

They share the same lame mindset! 😮

Let’s not go there, let’s rather be awesome!


What we can and should accept from the Top200 is that these three distros get a whole lot of interest and receive many more clicks than the next 197 distros in the chart. And you can believe me when I tell you that, as a total n00b, you don’t wanna start your new life with either, not MX nor Manjaro. About the reasons why I left Manjaro you’ve read in this blog, reasons why not to use MX Linux you’ll, find over in Karmi’s blog. So what’s left is the good old wunderkind Linux Mint. Even the computerishly handicapped among you should get pretty fast to a level of being productive, easier and faster than you ever were in Windows.

Got it now, gang?

Linux housewives!



        • It was never gone, Neil. I’m driving Oubaas since 1.5 years without any paperwork or valid licence, nor roadworthy certificate. Let’s not forget this is Africa and cops are much too lazy to write up touristy bitch with a foreign driver’s licence. Still I’m gonna make it official now; that’s why I bother with the dept of motor vehicles and the police clearing station. It’s just a little bureaucratic act that’s now going on for oneandahalf fukn years!
          Will blog about it once I’m finally done.

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