Hmmmm …

Not the superbestest lappytoppy but very good prized and … it fuxn runs LINUX!!!

Maybe you’re looking at your next computer?

See that?

Already in the thumbnail Chris shows us your beloved Linux Mint running on this Chinese wonder. Compi looking nice, guess is made from alu, huge touchpad, small bezels. What more do you want? And 300 woolongs is really hard to beat!

Now off to the gym and police clearing station.

Cya laterz




    • Yes, Lez, getting a good quality and good specs second hand machine is preferable, if you know what you’re doing and have good fix-it shops around in the neighborhood. But many ppl, particularly some Americans. are living literally at the arse-end of the globe and kinda need mailorder stuff to get their shit. That’s why, from time to time, I like to link to some doable alternatives for them to purchase their IT gear.

      In the video for example, Chris is a Brit living somewhere in southern Spain, Costa del Sol I guess, not a very connected area. I guess it’s like the European version of AZ, NV, NM, you know what I’m talking about. Prolly not many fix-its around but still he even has a YT channel where he tests the latest and greatest Chinese miracle tec.


      • I live on the ass end of New Mexico. The local cable TV company went broke and nobody took them over. People put a dish on their roof for television around here. Cable internet, never hears of it around these parts and never will. The nearest computer fix it shop is almost an hour drive away.

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        • Buuuut you lie in the land of enchantment! And you have at least a fix-it shop and know where it is and that you can probably find something nice if you need it. For the rest there is Ali Baba.
          We have second hand stores at every corner but I don’t buy from those. The Lenovo and HP outlet store is also kinda 45 mins away for me as well. In the suburbs of suburbia. I got Gaga and Gagamore from there:


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