Stupid Question. The Answer Is Still ‘NO!’

It will phone home, guaranteed you’ll learn from the article MS Edge is nothing but a reskinned Chromium browser, which makes it irrelevant for every politically conscious Linux user. Let’s face it Microsoft: You missed the internet train leaving the station, and now you can go huffing and puffing, you’ll never catch up to it. Just admit your defeat instead of trying to conquer the world with your umpteenth ill-conceived MS-browser.

And even if it comes as standard issue in Windows, like your DOA Internet Explorer, all we ever used it for was to download Netscape and in later years the Firefox.

To convince Linux users – which are 100% on other, better, viewers already – you had better come up with a new wonderbrowser, a totally new concept and technology, something that would make websites pop up before we even think about them … or sumsuch funny nonsense. Can’t do that? Don’t have the necessary imagination and technical expertise to give us that Shit? Go home Microsoft, go play in traffic but leave us the fücque alone!




  1. Renard, told me months ago this was happening. He is well informed. I may put in on one of my machines. I personally see android as a bigger problem than ms. I turn my computer off. My andriod phone tracks everything.

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    • It was forseeable that MS would try to get into the Linux game one way or another. That it would be via the most-loathed browser ever, I didn’t even imagine. 😮

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      • Mhm, heard about that one as well. Dunno where exactly, Level1Techs or so. But I don’t think it’ll make any splash because Linux users are too clever to fall for snakeoil salesmen.
        At least I hope so.:|

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    • Yes, same here, Renard. But lets not forget how many many Linux users are just playkiddies by heart. They wanna use all the new shiny and try and test everything. No matter if well- or ill-intended. The political conscience is weak in most of them.

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  2. I use windows apple Linux and android. Most of my equipment is hand me downs. I’m not a typical user I guess?. I tend to hold off big updates and new os versions for months till the bugs are fixed. Edge on Linux is odd but I will try it. I guess the 20 years on ms before I used Linux probably gave them most of the info they where after.

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    • 20 years on MS is no excuse, Neil! 🙂

      I was on Windows since 92 and never ever used any other MS product. For my writing I used a WordPerfect copy I got from dunnowhere, which was much better and more logical than Word. Also the spacing and hinting looked nicer and more professional. And interwebz browsing always on Netscape/Firefox.

      During my sorry time on Mac 9.1 (I guess) I was happy with the stuff it came with.

      And after that, on Win7 I used whatever I could get my grubby hands on. But never ever did I pay for any additional softwares.

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