Oh Noes Startpage! :o

Can’t we trust in anything anymore? Why did you fuk us over so badly, Startpage?

Must we really go back to Duckduckgo if we want our searches not to be spied out and abused by Google and the NSA? But I never liked Duck’s search results. 😦

Startpage.com logo.svg

Oh fuk me! And fuk you, Startpage!



One comment

  1. 🤔 StartPage used to be my number one search engine; I used it for over three years.

    By the way, this topic was presented on the Manjaro forum approximately one week ago; since then people have been looking for alternative search engines (Preferably those that respect their users’ privacy).

    These days, I have been experimenting with Qwant.

    And, like you, I am no fan of DuckDuckGo.

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