Feeling Smug

Oh Hey, Hey Oh!

I just can’t stop bragging about my operating system, can I?

And with good reason. Because I’m on the bestest computer operating system in the world: GNU/Linux. And not only that, I am on Arch Linux which sets me even a few steps apart from other, more mundane, more pedestrian, Linuxes.

Need proof? Look:

The lastest Shit available!!!

The latest Arch update, from just half an hour ago, contains such important and great stuff as a new version of the Gimp, brandnew Linux kernel 5.3.10 and the latest Nvidia driver for a good-looking Second Life.

Oh yeah, apropos SL, I checked and found a new Singularity version 1.8.7 (7968), which I installed from the AUR, just for good measure.

Users of other Linuxes will have to be patient for some days, weeks, even months before they will get the newest shiny stuff. That’s why I’m feeling so smug. 😉

“BTW, I use Arch!”
U wanna no, dontcha?

Yes, Orca is a real bonafide archhole. 😮



    • Ugh come on now. You’ve seen me wasting my money on mesh potatoes and wearing them. I even made 2 or 3 blogposts about my misadventures in bento land. For now I just wanna get on with my second life.

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