The Mandalorian Trailer 3?


YouTube is super dooper excited, and we are shown various supposedly new trailers. Some claiming to be official.


No trailer #3 on the original Star Wars channel, neither on Disney +. And there it should show first, don’t you agree? Anyway, this is the latest available now:

Some new scenes maybe but mostly stuff we’ve seen already, no? Man, we’re so excited for this specific show. Star Wars without any Skywalkers, their friends and foes and hopefully not touching any of the anything canon. Probably we won’t even see a glimpse of our alltime favourite shitlord, the Vader. And no mention of the fukn force!

“Yeah? Good.”

As you know neither Rogue One nor Solo played independently of the Skywalker canon, they just couldn’t refuse to keep on to the lore. :/ In so far Star Wars Rebels is still my fave show, eventhough it was only animated. Same universe, same conditions, totally different characters. Let’s hope they will now send out a Mandalorian bounty hunter, totally free of any Jedi and Skywalker ballast. The world and Star Wars fans are ready for a dirty little western-style (backwater planets) and film noir crime drama (bountyhunting).

* zwinker 😉

The Mandalorian doesn’t even need to be great.  The fans just don’t wanna be bored by the umpteenth death star explosion. Nowadays we’re already happy with coherent storylines without too many plotholes.

Let’s watch this video for some more background info:



    • Yes, always. Milking it big time!

      But in this case, I guess, they’re just trying to a: save the failed SW franchise, and b: starting Disney+ off with a Big Bang great success. They surely put enough money into the Mandalorian and have two of their best guys heading it. And a very good camera guy who “borrowed” lights and angles from other famous movies. And the trailers alone, with their dirty and gritty atmospheric shots are eclipsing all other SW movies by quite a bit. If they are able to keep the “problematic” SJW people out of the creative process this shall be great.

      Today’s the 11th, tomorrow is the premiere, day after tomorrow the interwebz will be full of pira… uh, shared copies of the Mandalorian’s 1st episode, and guess who’ll be among the excited fans? And guess who won’t even have a bad conscience? Disney fokkers have stolen enough of my money … and I’ll allow them to steal even more when in a months time SW IX rolls out and I have to – yes, I have to, my OCD forces me to go see that shite first day in the cinema – shell out even more money for a movie ticket for a film I’m not even excited about. :/

      It’s what I do for my readers! Watch me suffer through it so you don’t have to. 😮


        • In late 98 I spent a fortnight in Florida as well. Hubby was in hospital and I had 2 weeks of unused vacation time I had to take. Riding a rental Harley all around, Miami, Key West, Everglades, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lake Okeechobee, back to Miami and home again … was the most boring and rainy holiday ever. :/


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