Only in Russia

No, people kill people all the time, for many reasons and in all countries. But what happened after this killing is so typically Russian, you can’t make it up.

Russian vodka is beautiful, tremendous vodka.

He was reportedly drunk when he was found in the river, so it is unclear whether he slipped and fell into the river or jumped in on his own after discovering that his backpack wouldn’t sink.

This would be pretty funny if it wasn’t so grim … and tragically bad for the young woman. 😮 Maybe Guy Ritchie can make a tasteful comedy about this incident?

Police detained the man, who had to be taken to the hospital for hypothermia, and launched a murder investigation.

While law enforcement has not officially released the name of the suspect, numerous Russian media outlets have reported he was Oleg Sokolov, a 63-year-old historian teaching at the most prestigious university in St. Petersburg.

When investigators searched the man’s apartment, located not far from the river, they found the dismembered body of a young women and a bloodied hacksaw that was apparently used to cut off her arms and head, local news site reported. It claims the victim is a 24-year-old former student and protégé of Sokolov, who was apparently in a relationship with the man. The two collaborated on several works about the Napoleonic Wars and appeared in period costumes at re-enactment events.

Unconfirmed claims indicate he killed his partner in a fit of jealous rage on Thursday, and on Friday night, he tried to dispose of the body first by dismembering it.



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