Joyride (?) Through the ‘hood, Pt. 2

Good morning campers!

And that was already the clue for today’s stint into SL: Cruising a bit with my new Capital Motors 1960 Bovine Scenicliner by AѕнƖєу Sмιт Vєdяιηα (ashley204.pizzaro).

But first things first: When I logged in …

… logged in like so. I found …
… a shellshocked and excitited blabbering group of Frank’s Place members … and left the group immediately. Wanted to do that since years but never dared since joining cost a fee and, you know, one never knows if it wouldn’t perhaps become useful one day … :/ But now I could at long last leave with a smug grin. 🙂
Also found a TYC group gift by my old friend Tasha. I love prezzies so I immediately put the “sunglasses to see AV naked” on and … Haha, obviously a Halloween prank as I was shot to the moon! 😮
After that joke I could finally restart my camping trip. But first fill up on gasoline!
I noticed immediately that driving conditions were bad again. Fortunately the Linden Tour Pods are mostly empty and phantom, else I’d crashed into many innocent tourists. 😮
The overly reactive steering of the Bovine makes staying in lane rather hard work and sends me veering across the road. Almost as hard as driving Oubaas. 😦
Also each and every sim xing sent me flyin’ … when I was lucky. It can and will be much worse.
It’s hard to say if my camper really listed over to one side and sank into the asphalt or if that phenomenon only shows on my screen. In any way, this isn’t good. :/ Happens every time I stop the van.
I already see today’s destination, the inland lake and some empty parcels parcels at its shores, when …
The road suddenly ends. On the worldmap it seems to be there, so either my connection/graphics are, like, totally mucked up or …
… yes, some jokester LDPW mole made driving a little bit more interesting. Fokker! 😮
But stuntgirl Orca can’t resist any challenge and is too impatient to activate the camper’s flight modus, takes a short distance start-up and attempts to jump the gap … with a foreseeable result. 🙂 Ooops, sorry LL, was that your pylon?
To my right we see another road into nowhere/water.
After the crash we try again …
… and finally reach our destination and make camp.
Good opportunity to show you the oldish but very hygge interior of the Bovine camper. Gas burner, fridge, bunkbeads bow and stern. What more do you want?
Cozy salon area with ample seating for 4 I guess.
Out of the door we can see the ferris wheel which is the main landmark of the area.
Unfortunately we only get one pose …
… for both bunks. 😦
But look: YouTube TV. I didn’t play with it any further but I guess I could play my personal playlist in this nifty entertainment system.
My camping stopover as shown in the worldmap.

I shall continue the tour later today, or tomorrow, or in a few weeks or whatever …



    • It’s not a very good cruising vehicle, Neil. The steering is much too radical and can’t be adjusted. I mean the camper is on the very nice ACS script but somehow has the builder not implemented the feature. :/


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