Finally! Frank’s Place is Closing Down

Oh what a meaniepooface I am, being happy about a beloved Second Life place going down. :/ No, but honestly, I paid my membership there when I was still a n00b, but only went dancing there two or three times … and never liked it. The atmosphere was always too cool and sterile and you were dancing under supervision by some overly observant hosts. I mean, ok they tried toΒ  keep the joint classy since it wasn’t a disco club for teenies but still that place could never get rid of a certain pretentiousness. Nothing for real people. 😦

Paris Hilton @ Frank’s Place Jazz Club

And the lag in that unlikeable place was unbearable at times.

Anyhoo, they are closing on the 23rd of this month.

A nicer goodbye to Frank’s you can read over at Amanda’s blog.

Frank’s staff gave Amanda a hard time for wearing this classy gown

Honest now, girls, how many expensive ballgowns did you buy over the years to wear them at Frank’s … only to find out the venue couldn’t live up to its name? Or you were – shriek! – too sexy in the eyes of the club police?

Too sexy. In a long balllgown. In SL. Too sexy for SL???

Buhbai Frankieboy …


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