Fanless Like Orca

No, much besterer, and maybe even useful:

Better equipped than Orca’s mini Lenovos but weaker. :/

You know my ultra small form factor fetish and that I hardly can resist blogging any of those machines when I stumble upon one, right? Well, traditionally quirky industrial computers maker Shuttle has a nice new model out. All groovy n shit … but with the chips on offer they seem to be a bit on the weak/slow side. Both my mini Lennies would run circles around the DS10U. But then again did you see the price? 239/265 Woolongs is a word and much cheaper than even my second hand Lenovos, and they’d make a terrific little machine to stuff your first Linux Mint on!

That … or forget about being sexy and just get some shitbox from the local goodwill store and use that one. Only one thing should be clear for everybody: Don’t use your Windows computer for your Linux experiments! Dual booting gives you problems you won’t need. Even old master Linuxer Eznix confirmed that as fact in his latest video.



  1. A couple of days ago I bought a used Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Tiny at a thrift store, just like your Little Gaga. It’s very well made and handles any Linux distro I’ve installed on it. I also picked up a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, as I don’t want to use the outdated VGA port. I’ve always been a big desktop computer guy, but now I see your love of the ultra small form factor computers. Tiny but very powerful.

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    • Howdy Anonymous, thx for writing in.
      My love for USFF computers is twofold:
      First I can stuff many of them onto my workdesk and second, as long as I’m not going to use them for gaming and/or heavy duty graphical applicatons they’ll serve most tasks admirably well. And pretty quiet. I hope your own tiny will give you as much or more joy than mine is giving me. I was astonished by the power and might I got from even the slowest proci in the M73 lineup, a i3-4830.

      Splendid idea, btw, the VGA – HDMI port. Fortunately for me all felt in place just fine. Both my Lennies sport VGA ports and so do my cheapo monitors, and even my more modern 1080/1920 monitor has VGA as secondary interface, so I could just reuse VGA cables from the olden times. Particularly helpful now that MiniMax has bit the dust again and I’m running GagaMore on the good screen.


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