Second Life Destinations – Virtual World Veterans Tribute

Oh my, you know how peacenik Orca thinks about the organized crime gangs, otherwise known as military, and how she dislikes all that shit and won’t like to honour any members of said gangs. But hey, another inspiring, maybe thought provoking build in SL so of course I’m linking the video like all the other Second Life Destinations. So here you go:

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This week’s Second Life Destinations video takes a close look at the 13th Annual Second Life Veterans Tribute 2019, which serves the SL community by offering a venue to honor Veterans from around the world.

In recognition of Veterans Day and Armistice Day each year, this event reappears in Second Life to provide a space that transcends nationalities, as people from all walks of life can visit, provide remembrance, engage in conversations with each other and honor those who serve or served in the military in their respective countries.

At the heart of this event is a Veterans Wall that includes the names of veterans to be honored as the result of submissions from Second Life Residents. The venue is surrounded by reflective areas to think about the lives of those who have served, and also includes the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a Pearl Harbor Memorial.

“People from all over the world come together…for the same purpose,” says veteran Flattop Ewing who manages the venue with his partner Sarah Ewing. “It is the one bond that we do have in that it is what brings the Second Life Veterans Tribute to life every year.”

Adds Sarah: “There are real people behind the avatars. They have had real-life experiences and this helps them to talk about it and reflect.”

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Video: Draxtor Despres



    • No. Can’t you read?
      “provide a space that transcends nationalities, as people from all walks of life can visit”


      /me groans. Yes, that tribute is in bad taste and leaves a bad taste in most people’s mouth. If they have at least a little corner reserved to remember the 26 million Soviet casulties that lost their lifes in order to beat Hitler and win WW2? A far greater sacrifice than America’s meagre 500,000.


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