Not All Arch Linuxes …

… are super good! 😮

For example ArcoLinux, a distro I always had problems with. Ok, that doesn’t mean much since I’m just an ignorant housewife. But when a well-established expert like Tom reports about having trubbel with the installation, plus the fact that Arco neither comes with Mate nor Cinnamon desktops, what’s the point? Why bother, right?

Of course Arco has quite a huge fan base and is liked by many users for their specific reasons. Because it’s engaging and teaches you some stuff, so its a cool distro for when you really wanna learn that Linux thing. By digging thru the Linux dirt first.

For the rest of us, for those who just want an adorably functional system, for us there are better distros to have. Arch or otherwise. As a long-term reader of this bloggo you know what I’m talking about. 🙂



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