Learn How To Use Linux Mint Easily


Look what I found, especially for you. Because I love y’all, so much … or I would love y’all so much if I wasn’t such a terrible sociophobic and awkward un-person. But this isn’t about me but a new series by YouTube channel FREE Your Mind, about – what else – Linux Mint.

It’s made for absolute n00bies, showing you exactly how to use the new environment you’re gonna live in: Linux Mint with Cinnamon deskop environment. This is indeed the most friendly and nice operating system you can expect! And I’m not even lying. 🙂 So easy in fact that you won’t even need to “learn it” but rather unlearn all the weird stuff you got used to from Windows. But it won’t hurt to watch the series, particularly for when you a total dummy.

Part 1 of 7. Learn how to use the Cinnamon desktop, the most popular desktop environment for Linux Mint!

But wait! There’s more:

Part 2 of 7. Learn how to use the file manager, files & folders, and manage your personal documents within Linux Mint!

Part 3 of 7. Learn how to use the Software Manager to browse, install, remove, and manage your open-source applications!

Part 4 of 7. Learn the Mint System Settings and how you can use them to modify your system to your liking!

Part 5 of 7. Learn how to update Linux Mint and your applications using the Update Manager.

Part 6 of 7. Learn to customize the Cinnamon Desktop on Linux Mint and make it look classy!

Part 7 of 7. Learn about the default applications that come with Linux Mint and how they can benefit you!

Great, eh?

I guess now we’ve finally reached a time and age where nobody – absolutely nofuknbody – is excused anymore or can expect any understanding for not using Linux!

Again, and very sorry for Linux overkill in this blog, the whole Linux thing has reached the mainstream, even if the user numbers don’t reflect it. But you’re buying into a wonderful globe-spanning world of equal opportunities and shared ideas and software. And distributions like Mint are making the swap easy and painfree for us. They have left momma’s basement quite some time ago and are as professional looking as Windows or MacOS and easier and more fun to use … and free.

linux-mint-logoWill you finally get your very own ISO file and install it on your computing machine? Better do it now, before your granny is on Linux before you fukn slowpoke even notice.



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