First Time Linux Advice – Windows 10 to Linux Mint

Pheeew, it just won’t stop today, right?

Orcsi’s stumbling upon all this great Linuxy content, she just has to relay to her awesome readership. Just a minute ago I found Eznix’s latest n00b-focussed tip’n’tricks video for the new user. How to swap from your stupid Win10 over to an operating system made for human beings. And, same as Free Your Mind and Orca Flotta, the  Linux distro of choice is Mint for Eznix as well.

You better take a peek at this:

Look, at 8:07 he even uses a picture of me. 🙂



  1. […] That … or forget about being sexy and just get some shitbox from the local goodwill store and use that one. Only one thing should be clear for everybody: Don’t use your Windows computer for your Linux experiments! Dual booting gives you problems you won’t need. Even old master Linuxer Eznix confirmed that as fact in his latest video. […]


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